Increase You Home Value With Bathroom Improvements

Increase You Home Value With Bathroom Improvements

Many home owners look for ways to add value to their homes through improvements. One of the best ways is to have a go at your bathrooms.

The Almighty Bathroom

Today’s bathrooms are wonderful. Showers that “rain” on you, warm air hydrotherapy bathtubs, sinks that look like water worn boulders. You can pamper yourself now and smile on your way to the bank when you sell because homes with good kitchens and bathrooms are in demand. The only caveat is don’t make it so grand that it’s above your neighborhood’s standards. It’s hard to get your money out when yours is the most expensive house in the neighborhood.

Explore and Plan

The scope and style of your bath update needs to fit the style and price range of your home and your family, and you’ll face space constraints. One way to approach the project is to canvass various places that sell bathroom fixtures, see what you like, comparison shop, and then see if there’s an outlet for your price range with a good design staff to help you on a “freebie” basis if you buy from them.

Lowe’s and Home Depot are useful if you are very price conscious. They carry brands we’re all familiar with. It can be fun to explore some of the avant-garde fixtures in some of the high end outlets, and then see if something similar can be achieved for less. And if the budget (and the neighborhood) can take it, go for a truly luxurious spa of a bath.

Simplicity is prized today. I think it may be because life tends to be so rushed and complicated. Simplicity does not mean boring. Far from it. The simple can pamper and provide great visual appeal.

Put together a plan within your budget and you are on your way. Improved bathrooms can actually add tens of thousands of dollars in equity to your home.

Add Luxury In Your Bathroom With The Curved Shower Curtain Rods

Add Luxury In Your Bathroom With The Curved Shower Curtain Rods

The innovative curved shower curtain rods expand the shower space by at least 25% to 35%. The simple installation of the shower rods instantly increase the width of your bathroom by at least 6” and make your bathroom look much more spacious than normal size. The curved shower curtain rods are very easy to install and comes in package with at least four wood screws, four tile anchors, four sheetrock anchors and two setscrews and an Allen wrench. Benefits of curved shower curtain rods

The curved shower rods simply promise advantages and benefits to you. They are effective, efficient and inexpensive rods that easily increase the shower space, and provide a completely different look to the entire bathroom. The shower curtains have 3” curve-in at the corners, which prevents water leakage and allows the curtains to remain inside the bathtubs and does not allow it to blow over you. It is because of the curved shower rods that you can easily get extra elbowroom without renovating the bathroom in a new way. With the help of this rod, you can get some additional space for soaping, scrubbing and bathing in the bathrooms.

Other specialties of curved shower curtain rods The curved shower curtain rods are suitable for both rectangular and oval shaped tubs. The different types of shower rods include rolling shower curtain rods, 5” and 6” shower rods with brushed nickel finishes. The rolling shower rods have ball bearings that help in the opening and closing of the curtains with a slight tug. All of these shower rods create the feel of open spaces in your bathroom.

The brackets used in the curved shower curtain rods allow adjusting of the rods of different lengths between the end walls. However, if you want a shorter or longer than the normal sizes, the curtain rods can even be cut down on site for shorter or longer installation purposes. Completely compatible with standard shower curtains, these curved shower curtain rods are truly durable thereby fitting and adjusting to all standard bathtubs.

Home And Bath Remodeling


Outdated wall coverings such as wall paper and borders are one of the first things to change during a home and bath remodeling job. With the use of a heating gun, the glue used to secure wallpaper on a wall can be easily removed. The homeowner might choose to paint the walls instead of repapering the wall, and if there is any type of mar in the wall surface, spackling will need to be done to give the wall a smooth surface.

Outdated wall coverings such as wall paper and borders are one of the first things to change during a home and bath remodeling job
There are a lot of choices to make when choosing the color of the paint in a home and bath remodeling job. If the home will be occupied by the present owner for more than 7 years, then any wall color suitable to their individual taste is fine. In order to be kindly favored by prospective buyers when the house is placed for sale on the real estate market, a neutral shade will be required.

A fresh coat of paint is recommended prior to placing it on the market. Old walls tend to get dingy with age, and suffer from grease and grime build up over the years. Prospective buyers are more reluctant to buy a home that requires a lot of work, and many simply do not enjoy the idea of painting a house. Instead of scrubbing walls spotless, homeowners will simply paint over the old paint to cover up the grime and grease.

To find home and bath remodeling plans, people may consult a building supply house that sells building materials and fixtures. They can refer you to an architect or trade magazines that feature many ads for floor plans. When you are ready to buy a floor plan that everyone in the house agrees on, they can be obtained very easily by purchasing them online at the company website.

A favorite home and bath remodeling project is replacing the carpets in the home. Carpeting is another eyesore in the home that old and new homeowners do not like at all. In many homes, carpet is placed on hardwood floors, with a layer of padding to protect the floor surface and give the floor a cushy surface when people walk on it. Ripping carpets out requires the removal of tacking boards along the baseboards throughout the home. All carpeting should be hauled to the curb after it is removed from the home.

With careful shopping and selection, a homeowner will be able to replace the carpeting in the home with no trouble at all. There are carpet factory outlets in many cities across the United States, and these sites are where commercial and novice carpet buyers get their inventories. If you do not think you can do this job successfully, it is advisable to contact a professional carpet installer to do the job for you.

It may be necessary to update the tub or shower during a home and bath remodeling project. Outdated tubs are unsafe and people prefer to have a firm foot hold when they are standing in water. Other people have medical reasons that require that they sit while bathing. There are ample shower/bath combinations for sale at local home and bath remodeling warehouses.

Outdated wall coverings such as wall paper and borders are one of the first things to change during a home and bath remodeling job.

Remodeling the Bathroom

When many people decide to take on the job of remodeling their home there usually is a lot of thought and consideration that goes into the planning and reconstruction side of it. If you have decided to remodel the bathroom then there are a lot of ways this can be done.

From remodeling the Master Bedroom bathroom to remodeling the family and common bathroom there are a whole host of ways you can make the value of the space go up for when it’s time to sell.

The most important rule to remember, though, is that you don’t want to get too monetarily involved with the remodeling project of your bathroom if you are going to turn around and sell your home. First, you may not get all of your money back. Second, it may not even be necessary to do major remodeling in order to update the bathroom.

Adding a Jacuzzi

However, there are several things that homeowners are able to do in order to make their bathrooms like nice, elegant, and ready to sell. The first idea is to add a Jacuzzi to your bathroom. Adding a Jacuzzi to your bathroom entails a greater amount of detail than you would have though, which actually takes care of most of the decisions about remodeling the bathroom in the first place. In order to actually add a Jacuzzi to your bathroom then you’ll need to make sure the space is big enough. Many people find that they have too small of a bathroom anyway and this leads them to increase the dimensions of their bathroom. Along with adding a Jacuzzi to your bathroom, though, you may decide to go ahead and take on remodeling the bathroom floors, too. Instead of having regular tiles on the bathroom floor many people decide to add some type of laminate flooring.

Simple Bathroom Fixes

Even though adding a Jacuzzi to your home seems the most ideal thing to do, it may actually not be the most cost effective. On the other hand, there are some basic small remodeling ideas that you can take into account in order to change the bathroom. For starters, adding an automatic towel heater is a good idea. Adding something useful like this will naturally increase the value of your home, but it’s something that won’t take all that much extra money to do.

Another small project that you can accomplish, possibly even by yourself, is the addition of bathroom cabinets. This is a great remodeling project to do for the bathroom because it adds extra storage that virtually everyone needs for their home, especially the bathroom.

Strong and sturdy cabinets that are actually built like they are recessed into the wall add a great deal of luxury, especially when they are finished cabinets made out of sturdy materials.

A couple other small yet effective ways to remodel the bathroom includes replacing the toilet and adding an entertainment center to the bathroom. Even though the entertainment center idea may not be too familiar, many people actually do decide to add television sets on the wall.

If you are a homeowner then these are some great ways to get involved with remodeling the whole bathroom. By making sure that important designs are kept to a minimum and money is saved, homeowners will definitely be able to have great bathrooms for their home!

Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy Tips

Take a look around your own home. Is what you’ve been terming your “time-thrilled home décor” certainly just old fashioned? If so, perhaps it’s time for you to adhere the remodeling parade.

The good rumor is: there heaps of simple, low detriment customs to give your home’s look a good harvest-me-up.

You can found a fully new theme for your bathroom — such as contemporary, old world, or European — based on the draft of your faucet,” says Angie Coffman, director, Delta creation marketing for Delta Faucet Company.

Before purchasing a new faucet, it’s a good idea to do some preliminary examine. You may also want to believe the finances before start your pursuit, as prices can modify widely. You will find that there was many different styles and designs in bathroom faucets.

Consider forward of time whether you want a lone-lever or a magnify-supervise faucet. Notice how the handles feel in the palm of your hand. Do you want something that is delicate or more important-task? Explore different spout designs and finishes as well. Decide about whether you want an escutcheon, the decorative plate beneath a faucet. An escutcheon would also hide mega holes that might be drilled in the sink.

Look for a faucet that installs simply — you may poster tongue like “nippy bond ” or “no adjust,” showing that least tools are mandatory. Pay closed attention to the untaken fallacy configuration on your sink. How many are there and how far distant are they? Do you essential a track-tear, 4-crawl crux-set, or a barrier-mounted faucet? Your release-export faucet may have three holes underneath, but you don’t necessarily have to supplant it with another lone-carry.

There’s a project, called a “minuscule-widespread,” which provides flexibility for customers who have a single-lever faucet, but are looking to thrash to a twofold trade, widespread look. The Victorian Mini-widespread from Delta is an example of a faucet that offers elaborate, old-world styling in a slighter sink situation.

Make a Lasting Improvement

Look for a design that won’t shortly be outdated and one that will compliment the breather of your bathroom, “one that will pause out without sticking out,” according to Coffman. “Keep in psyche that you will possibly be using this new faucet for years, so select something that is enduring, versatile, and a variety that is considered unfailing.”

Installing high trait harvest in a bathroom will result in a high revisit on your home remodeling investment. That is why it is important to desire a faucet that offers long-lasting, care-open performance. You want to look for things like reliable brass construction and the visitors that offers an existence imperfect warranty, along with consumer defend, in instance you have questions while installing the faucet manually.

Now that you are equipped to give your bathroom the facelift it has been waiting at, have a few tools usable for the installation. A pair of adjustable pliers, along with an Allen anguish and sink twist, will possibly be necessary. Also choice up some silicone or caulk, and Teflon stick. Always fold impeded the instructions on your faucet for any other tools or materials needed.